New Videoclip “What it’s like to be a monster” NOW ONLINE

It may be the last song on the album but it turned out to be a fan-favorite: “What it’s like to be a monster”, with it’s haunting melodies and occult lyrics, has developed into the live-outro at every The Other live-show since the release of the album “Casket Case”. The band then got in touch with animation-artist Balázs Gróf – known for his great work for Obituary, Red Fang and Powerflo (Biohazard, Cypress Hill, Fear Factory members) – among others. He developed intriguing animations that are inspired by his own and the band’s biggest influences, like Lovecraft’s Cthulhu and great old ones, the silent horror classics “Dr. Caligari” or “Metropolis” and the fetish-scene…  You have never seen The Other like that. Check out this new clip.

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