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The new single from Europe’s #1 Horror Punk Band. The first release on the newly reanimated Fiend Force Records.
Filmed live at the band’s show at Circus Probst in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
Fun fact: Bassist Aaron Torn could not play the show and guitarist Pat Laveau switched to bass so the concert could take place.

Camera: Magnus & Philip / Post & Cut: Philip & Maurice
Dancers: Kryptonic Showgirls

Oho, these are Things I didn’t want (No)
Oho, these are Things I can’t control (No)
I see into every living Soul
I see all the Evil that You do

Your greatest Wish is no Secret to me
Your vilest Sin I can see

Demon Eyes I can’t hide from what I am
Demon Eyes (Those eyes) Hellspawn not Human
Demon Eyes A Curse, an old Prophecy
And it’s getting darker around me
I can’t be free

Oho, I’m not who I used to be (No)
Oho, I can’t live like this new me (No)
I feed on the Anguish and the Pain
I dread everything that I became


The Spirits that I’ve cited, my Commands ignore
Here, poor Fool, I stand no wiser than before
Now I perceive what holds the World in its Folds
I am Demon, gotta do what I am told
Oho I am Demon, gotta do what I am told


These Eyes Piercing through the Dark
These Eyes Terrors that will last
These Eyes So horrifying real
These Eyes It’s You they will see
My Demon Eyes