Rod Usher – Voice

An immortal werewolf, equal parts man-beast and tragic figure from a Poe tale. Thriving on flesh, blood, and bone, he is notorious for leaving victims behind wherever the roads may lead him. Resurrected by Doc Caligari, he has been the voice of The Other since the beginning.

Dr.Caligari – Drums

Declared a mad scientist by colleagues and the law. His first experiments with the dead were utter failures, but he has since seen success in reanimating corpses and bestowing upon them eternal life. His ever-increasing collection of body parts helps him keep The Other together.

Ben Crowe – Guitars

As a former sideshow ringmaster, Crowe was notorious for torturing his creatures, until one day they struck back. He was torn to pieces, with only his head remaining intact, with but a few scratches. His scattered remains were collected by Doc Caligari, who revived the notorious freak-master, making him a strong addition to the monster collection called The Other.

Pat Laveau – Guitars

Raised in both New Orleans and Haiti, Pat is the son of a preacher and an ancestor of Voodoo queen Marie Laveau. As an adult, he’s gathered his own congregation. Pat’s ceremonies involve ingredients too disturbing to name, but his rites and spells work efficiently with only light side effects…usually.

Aaron Torn – Bass

When Aaron Torn was executed for crimes to gruesome to name, his soul was able to flee from the prison walls. In lack of a body to invade, Aaron’s soul inhabited a scarecrow in the field close to the facility. Now equipped with the mind and the power of the villain, the scarecrow descented from it’s cross. It has been haunting the surrounding woods and villages for centuries. Only recently has Aaron found a new body to take over, aided by Doc Caligari. The power of the scarecrow is still with Aaron: He can confront others with their biggest fears and thus drive them insane.